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The History of Bitcoin

This Washington Post article summarizes the history of bitcoin, its milestones and challenges during its first five years.
Five years of Bitcoin in one post

The Definitive History of Bitcoin (infographic)

Enjoy this nicely done infographic for The Definitive History of Bitcoin, provided by the talented people at Visual Capitalist.

Click the image for a massive readable version.

The Definitive History of Bitcoin

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The Definitive History of Bitcoin


Bitcoin News

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We Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin Accepted HereWe are happy to receive payments in bitcoin.

Bitcoin makes it easier for you to have a professionally built website, and make your payment from your bitcoin wallet at any time convenient to you, from any country in the world, with lowest transaction costs. Before sending any bitcoin, get a consultation with our specialists to agree on a plan for your website. We will build out your website to your specifications, and you can pay in smaller installments if desired at our affordable hourly rate. Bulk discounts are available for monthly rates.

There are no limits to what we can build for you.

So what do I need to do to get started using bitcoins?

1) Download and run the Bitcoin software, or get an online wallet.

2) Acquire bitcoins, either by selling something of your own, or at an exchange.

3) Open the Bitcoin software, click ‘send bitcoins’, enter the amount you would like to send, and our Bitcoin address.

That’s it! We’ll credit your account for the extra hours, and get started on the next group of improvements for your website.

Learn more about Bitcoin in our section How To Use Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin Accepted Here(Buy Bitcoins first to use this payment option)

What are Bitcoins?

Before you can use this payment option, you will need a digital commodity known as Bitcoins. Bitcoins are a decentralized currency used mainly for its anonymity, ease of use, lack of fees, and extremely fast transfer speed. It’s an open source project with a lot of promise, and by buying your new website with Bitcoin you are helping to make widespread Bitcoin usage a reality.

Where do I get some?

Have a Paypal? Check. How about a bank account? Check. Credit cards? Not a problem!

Here are some services you can use to get Bitcoins.

  1. BitInstant – Cash Deposit, MtGox USD, Dwolla
  2. LocalBitcoins – Cash, in person
  3. Coinbase – Direct Wire Transfer
  4. Bitcoin Talk Forums – All negotiable methods
  5. Bitstamp – Direct Wire Transfer
  6. MtGox – Direct Wire Transfer
  7. #bitcoin-otc IRC Channel – All negotiable methods

Well what if I don’t use USD?

No problem! Click here for a list of exchanges, you’re sure to find one with a currency you’re familiar with.

For more information see How do I buy bitcoins? – CoinDesk

Bitcoin accepted here


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