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Here are some examples of our work with recent clients.

A VIllage Stamp & Coin

You can buy and sell gold and silver coins, bullion, bars, rare coins, copper, platinum, palladium, old currency both U.S. and foreign, rare stamps and certified coins for hobby and investment at A Village Stamp & Coin. This website features several kinds of custom graphics based on images of coins.

A Village Stamp & Coin, a gold and silver coin and bullion dealer in Tampa, FL, asked us to design a striking and effective storefront website. Through close collaboration with the client, who provided ideas including the navigational coin array appearing on each page, this website makes an effective showcase of the various parts of this business which has served the Tampa Bay Area since 1979 as trusted dealers in gold and silver coins, certified coins and old currency and appraisals for rare coins and stamps.

Stephanie A. Smith, author

Stephanie A. Smith is the author of Warpaint and a collection of fictional novels including Baby Rocket and Content Burns.

Stephanie A. Smith is an author of numerous fictional novels available on Amazon. She teaches literature and women’s studies at the University of Florida, and has been committed to writing ever since she was a student of Ursula K. Le Guin. Stephanie A. Smith’s previous works include two young adult fantasy novels Snow Eyes and The Boy Who Was Thrown Away. Her adult science fiction novel Other Nature was nominated for the James Tiptree Jr. Award. Stephanie A. Smith’s newest books include Warpaint and a sequel Baby Rocket. Her work, both critical and fictional, investigates politics, science, literature, race and gender. She asked us to provide her a complete web presence to include videos of her appearances, complete collection of reviews, photos and travel itinerary in an artful format.


Pam Oakes won the 2013 election for Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes. We built her website with custom artwork, a radio spots showcase, and also provided her campaign management services. “Accelerated Global was just what I needed, right when I needed it! Thoughtful and prompt professional service. Kevin Tambling of Accelerated Global is very capable, competent and caring! I trust my technical support to him.” — Pam Oakes

Pam Oakes was elected Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes for the 2013-2014 term. We built this website to her specific needs and requests to support her election campaign. The site has a section for listening to her 2 minute radio spots highlighting her news segments from naturist friendly Pasco county, Florida. For the website, we produced and filmed a video of Pam interviewing the two founders of the world famous Haulover Beach, a clothing optional facility in Miami, which is now posted on YouTube. It’s viewable on her website at www.pamoakes.com.

Tecnicolors Salon

Tecnicolors Salon in Gainesville, FL requested a more effective outreach for their business website. We tuned the entire site for better search engine optimization. “I love how the Tecnicolors website comes up at the top of the rankings on Google.” — Duane Tully

Tecnicolors Salon is considered by many to be the best hair salon in Gainesville, FL. The owner, Duane Tully, had a website expertly designed by our sister company Accelerated Data Works. To increase the effective outreach, we were brought in to tune the entire website for a better search engine optimization. Tecnicolors now shows up on the top results page for a very large number of keywords relative to their business. Now potential customers searching for hair coloring, haircuts, natural hair extensions or Japanese straightening in Gainesville, FL will find Tecnicolors instantly.


ExpressContacts, an e-commerce marketplace for all types of contact lenses and eye care products. This site features the articles by Dr. Michael Lange, an optometrist and nutritionist. This site enjoys excellent rankings on Google.

ExpressContacts is a popular retail outlet for all brands of contact lenses. A series of articles by the nutritionist and eye doctor Dr. Michael Lange is featured, exploring the relationship between good nutrition and the health of the body and eyes. His own line of nutritional supplements is presented through a series of informative articles with colorful illustrations. The website has had extensive SEO work performed, enabling it to rank number one for important terms like “lowest price Acuvue” and to rank on the first page of Google for hundreds of well selected keywords.


Jeff Gerbino is a nationally known comedian with appearances on Good Morning America, Arts and Entertainment and Comedy Central. “To those still sitting on the fence on websites, Kevin will get you up to speed and feeling in charge in short order. Accelerated Global is a great jump start for the novice to intermediate website player who wants quick and affordable presence.” — Jeff Gerbino

Jeff Gerbino, the nationally known comedian with appearances on Comedy Central, Arts and Entertainment and Good Morning America, asked us to design a website that would showcase his various video clips and make easily available high definition photos available in a convenient online press kit. Jeff visualized a striking “bookends” design for the header image, and we created the custom image to his specifications for a great effect.


Ling’s Best presents healthy foods, recipes, nutrition, cookware and cookbooks for a better way of cooking for your health. “I appreciate how Accelerated Global showed me how to create and edit my own articles. WordPress is an amazing system.” — Ling’s Best

Lings Best addresses healthy eating habits, cooking tips and recipes. Ling asked us to build a versatile website through which she can explore healthy foods, recipes, nutrition, cookware and cookbooks to provide a better way of cooking for optimum health. The website we built for her is an example of a WordPress content management system, which we favor as it becomes very easy for the client to add content or make updates without the intervention of the webmaster.


Dr.MichaelLange.com is a showcase site illustrating the several articles, products, videos and radio shows of this popular eye doctor and nutritionist.

Dr. Michael Lange is a popular nutritionist, eye doctor and radio show host. We created this website for him to showcase his custom line of health supplements, his articles on eye and body health through nutrition, and his many videos and radio shows. This website design is based on a WordPress backbone to enable the client to make his own updates. We featured a front page animated slideshow that when clicked will take the visitor to the location of the slide they were viewing. This helps to showcase the various web properties developed for this client.

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See our new 2018 website.
Gainesville website builders pricing on website packages


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